Optimistic Health

While reading a recent article focusing on conservation and solving the world’s pollution and ever shrinking natural resources problems, I was inspired to correlate the ideas to our own health rather than just the health of the planet (which happen to both be connected, let’s not forget). The message from the article was that rather than people always focusing on what they could cut back on to save the environment, perhaps it would be more beneficial if they focused on what positives they could add. The benefits of a more optimistic mindset were concentrated on-rather than looking at things as problems and burdens, look at them as opportunities just waiting to be fulfilled.
Can the same ideas be applied to our own personal health? Yes, they can! As a chiropractor, I think in terms of how your body can function at its best. Rather than just addressing symptoms, we try to get to the root of the issue to improve your overall health. This can be applied to other areas of your health as well, as it is truly multifaceted. We are constantly getting told to cut back on this or that in order to “lose X amount of weight” or “to have X amount of energy”. With chronic disease and depression being no stranger to a large portion of our population in this modern day, perhaps it is time to look at things in a new light. While I admit, we as Americans often have quite a bit of room to cut back in many areas, maybe it’s time we focus more on adding positives into our life rather than having so much focus on taking away negatives.
For example, rather than watching calories so closely, try adding more real food to your diet-things that are alive, like veggies, fruits, and fresh protein sources. Maybe you’ll find you won’t actively have to avoid the more processed “junk” foods, but rather won’t crave them as much or have as much room for them.
Add in a short walk or run several days per week. Once you are comfortable with the level you’re at, increase your frequency and intensity if you’re up for the challenge and your health allows for it. You may enjoy the endorphins released by being active and look forward to the activity. Turn it into a social time and catch up with a friend or family member while both getting some exercise in.
Get more sleep. Your body needs the time to recharge. Focusing on setting yourself a consistent sleeping schedule is one of the best things you can do for your body. You may find yourself more productive during the day with the added sleep during the night, and end up freeing up more time for yourself while awake.
Lastly, but not least, add some time to focus on yourself-your personal development. This may sound selfish, but by focusing on bettering yourself, you will make everyone around you better. Effects will be seen both directly, through your increased contributions to society, and indirectly, through the confidence exuding from you and onto others you come into contact with. There are so many great books out there waiting to be read that are written for individuals to better themselves. If reading isn’t your thing, start with searching some motivational videos on youtube.
These are only a few of countless ways you can “add health” into your life. While many of these are not new ideas, I hope you are inspired to be more of a health optimist, rather than focusing on your “flaws” and things that are dragging you down. Of course, contact your healthcare provider if you have any question in the safety of adding something into your life.
Yours in health,
Dr. Emily