The Secret to Successful New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year brings many unknowns, but it also brings a lot of constants. People everywhere reflect on the blessings and instances they were forced to grow over the past 365 days, as well as feel anticipation for what lies ahead the coming year. Many of these things are looked forward to, such as weddings, new jobs, or new additions to the family (furry or baby). And then there are the partly-inspired-mostly-guilted-into New Year’s Resolutions. Why is it that gyms tend to get less crowded as February and March roll around? Why do January’s hopes look bleak by the time the grass makes its first appearance of the spring? There are 3 key flaws that are commonly made with New Years resolutions falling short of their goals:

  1. Too vague. Any attainable goal not only needs to be written down, but it needs to be specific. Listing out exactly what steps need to be taken and when make it easier to stick to. “Running a marathon” (or 5K) likely won’t happen until you sign up for one and follow a specific training plan each week leading up to it with set goal distances you are planning on running. “Eating healthier” is a nice vision, but it doesn’t work very well unless you plan ahead and write out meals and the shopping lists to go along with them. Envision your goals and write them down exactly as you will accomplish them.
  2. Unrealistic. Don’t put the pressure on yourself to drop a high percentage of body weight in a short amount of time or lift twice your weight when you don’t even know where the gym is. Not only are lofty goals harder to obtain, but they may cause you to go about unhealthy routes to obtain them. The danger in goals too tough is that the higher likelihood of failure will cause you to more easily lose faith in yourself and what you’re aiming for. Set smaller short term goals as stepping stones to get to your ultimate destination. Think about what your starting point is. You CAN do it-you just need to give yourself a fighting chance to get there.
  3. Based on willpower, not systems. The quote “You can do anything you set your mind to” should’ve come along with a disclaimer. Along with the will, you need to have the systems in place to get there. This can be set up by following the first two points in ensuring you are specific and realistic enough to have a successful system. It is your system that will pick up the slack those moments the “will” is hard to come by-when the alarm clock goes off too early in the morning or when you’re tired and sticking a frozen pizza in the oven seems much easier than taking a few extra minutes to prepare a healthy meal. Stick to your plan you’ve put together in fine detail that is tailored to your life and goals.

Make some positive changes this year. Make them specific. Make them attainable. Accompany your drive and determination with a system to get you there. And feel empowered by your ability to set a goal and successfully stick to it throughout 2016.

Wishing you a healthy and happy New Year from Eldora Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center!

Yours in health,

Dr. Emily

The Plus Side of Pain

Pain is something many people encounter at some point in their life, and for various reasons. While we usually tend to view it as an inconvenience (which it very well can be at times), did you know it is actually a good thing? It isn’t something you should aim for, but rather feel grateful your body has ways of telling you when something is wrong.

Imagine driving your car down the road. The check engine light comes on. You think,”Just a little further. I’m almost to my destination and will get it looked at later.” The light is a constant reminder each time you get in your car until you finally schedule an appointment with an auto mechanic to get it looked at. What if you had just covered up the light and ignored it? By getting it addressed by an expert shortly after your car displayed a warning sign, you were able to head off major problems down the road, which may have lead to you needing major expensive repairs, or the worst case, a new car.

Our bodies tend to work in a parallel manner. When something is wrong, our bodies are smart enough to tell us we need to slow down and evaluate what is going on. How awesome is that?! Sometimes (okay, fairly often) we are stubborn and refuse to listen to our bodies and get help. Instead, we push through the symptoms, possibly covering them up in various ways. These cover ups don’t address the problem causing the pain in the first place, but rather put off seeking correction of the issue. Unfortunately, we are not like cars. You cannot get a new body. Treat it well! This is the only one you’re given and it cannot be traded in. Furthermore, if you think major car repairs are expensive, you’d probably prefer avoiding a trip to the hospital.

Sometimes pain or other related symptoms are caused by problems you can identify yourself and simply need you to alter your habits or give your body a break and get some rest. Are you properly fueling and hydrating it?  Other times, or if symptoms persist when you try to identify the problem yourself, you need the help of an expert to identify the cause and correct it. Chiropractors are experts in seeking out the cause of issues and addressing those, rather than simply focusing on relieving the resulting symptom. Pain relief is a nice side effect, but our focus is actually on better body function and resulting obtainment of your health goals. In fact, many people seek out chiropractic care to feel and function well, rather than simply to feel “less bad”.

The next time you’re feeling any discomfort, think of what your body is trying to tell you and listen to it rather than ignoring it or covering it up. “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”- Jim Rohn

Yours in health,

Dr. Emily