Improved Athletic Performance, Naturally

Chiropractic in the general population is mostly known for treating acute low back and neck pain after getting hurt. Though chiropractic is very effective in treating those conditions, it can help in many other facets of life. Adjustments of the spinal column do relieve pain, but they also have other positive effects on the body. These positive effects can help a new population of patients that are now discovering the benefits of chiropractic care in their lives.
Chiropractic care continues to be utilized by more and more athletes and their teams. The list of athletes that have publicly stated that chiropractic is a major part of their health team include perennial powerhouses such as Kobe Bryant, Tom Brady, and Aaron Rodgers. That list doesn’t include the Olympians in the United States who have all of their healthcare needs directed by a chiropractor from the state of Iowa. All 32 NFL teams currently use a chiropractor as well. This certainly isn’t a “new trend”, as others including Joe Montana, Evander Holyfield, Emmit Smith, Jerry Rice, and Michael Jordan have all credited chiropractic care as being crucial in their performance and staying healthy. One of the better known ways that chiropractic helps athletes is by treating a wide variety of injuries they may incur on their body, including their extremities. Spinal adjustments are the most common treatment that chiropractors utilize, but there are many more tools that can be effectively called upon in order to get the athlete back playing as quickly as possible. Chiropractors are able to adjust numerous joints throughout the body which can not only help stimulate healing, but make sure that the healing takes place around a properly aligned joint.
Let me show you one example of how this works with a very typical sports injury. If as an athlete you sprain your ankle, the ankle joint quickly goes past its end range of motion and then settles back into a near normal position. Sometimes that near normal position does not allow the ankle to heal as fully or as quickly as you may want it to. With an adjustment to the ankle, it resets the joint back in its proper position. The next step in healing that sprained ankle is to make sure that all of the soft tissue around it heals properly. This can be done through many different treatment options that sports chiropractors have training in, including soft-tissue mobilization through an instrument or their hands, targeted exercises, or other physiotherapy modalities like ultrasound and electrical stimulation.
New research is also starting to show that chiropractic can help improve performance through limiting muscle fatigue and increasing reflex response time. An article came out in April of 2015, showing that athletes may respond quicker to stimuli and be able to perform for longer stretches of times while under chiropractic care. More and more research continues to come out supporting chiropractic and showing how great it can be not only as a treatment for athletes, but also to be used regularly to help increase athletic performance.

Feel free to ask me any questions on how chiropractic care can positively impact your athletic performance.

Yours in health,

Dr. Zak