Healthy Inflammation Response Program Report

Dr. Zak and Dr. Emily recently finished their 10 day Healthy Inflammation Response Program through Standard Process. The program is designed to help jump-start your body’s normal natural inflammation response process, with the intention of putting habits into place that will put you on track to leading a healthier, more active life.

They followed eating guidelines that avoided refined carbs, artificial sweeteners, sugar, chemical additives, processed meats, fried foods, caffeine, and soft drinks, and focused on including whole, unprocessed foods like vegetables, fruits, and lean protein. They also consumed supplement shakes with whole food ingredients and took a simple protocol of supplements throughout the day.

In addition to the dietary guidelines, they continued to get their regular weekly chiropractic adjustments and made simple lifestyle changes including making it a priority to get more sleep at night and drinking more water throughout the day, as well as keeping active throughout the duration of the program.

Here is what they have to say about taking part in the program:

Dr. Emily: The saying really is true-“Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.” My main goal of doing this program was to cut my body some slack and treat it nicely for 10 days, allowing it to better absorb the good vitamins and nutrients I consume in my diet. Although I feel I try to eat a “clean” diet most of the time, following a stricter set of guidelines made me realize all of the inflammatory foods I tend to gravitate towards when I’m really feeling hungry. The biggest challenge in doing this was being at social events focused on eating or consuming beverages not included in the plan, as well as not consuming fruits outside of the shakes. I’d recommend planning to do something like this around a time frame not including any events that you’d feel rude or uncomfortable having to be a little more picky (weddings, birthday parties, etc). One plus side to this program is that it’s only 10 days, making it easier to set aside a shorter time for it while still getting to see big changes, as well as getting yourself jump started on the path to healthier habits. I’d also encourage you to do it with a family member or friend, preferably someone you live with or see on a regular basis. It makes it much easier to prepare meals together and keep motivated, even if they’re just working on the eating guidelines portion. One of the biggest things I noticed was how good my digestive system felt with the focus on whole, fresh, REAL foods and totally cutting out all of the foods that tend to inflame us. Not once did I feel bloated or regret eating anything…I also didn’t regret missing out on any “junk” foods that I temporarily craved. There certainly are occasions that call for some celebratory eating, but restricting yourself from some of these foods for a period of time makes you appreciate being able to eat them more, requiring less to satisfy your sweet/salty tooth. Programs like this help us get closer to eating along the 80/20 rule, rather than the 60/40 or 50/50 that many tend to lean more towards. ; )

Dr. Zak: Dr. Emily and I like to help “clean out our system” at least once or twice a year.  We noticed a new program from one of our favorite supplement companies and decided to try it out.  This one was a 10 day program aimed to help limit excess inflammation in our bodies as described above.  I thought that since this program allowed us to eat meat throughout the whole 1o days that it would be much easier than the previous programs that we have done.  This program I found to be a little more challenging because we were very limited in the amount of fruit we could and with no other carbohydrates allowed it did leave me a little sluggish at times. However, overall I enjoy doing these programs because by the end of them my digestive system always feels great and I end up feeling more energized.  One of the reasons for the increased energy is because without all of the processed food being consumed our bodies do not have to work as hard to process all of the extras that come with out food.  Another bonus is that since we are eating clean there will often times be weight loss.  Some of the weight that you will lose is water weight from the excess sodium that comes in processed foods, but it is a great way to train you how to eat and learn to make healthy choices.  The programs are a great way to kick-start your weight loss and learn how to eat so you can continue on that journey if that is a goal of yours. You will likely feel hungry and have desires to cheat, but with a little will power and determination the 10 days will fly by.

For more information or any questions you may have on the 10 Day Healthy Inflammation Response Program, the Standard Process 21 Day Purification Program, or in starting a program of your own following similar guidelines, feel free to contact us at Eldora Family Chiropractic.


Yours in Health,

The team at Eldora Family Chiropractic