Maintaining Your Health

Similarly to maintaining your car’s health with regular oil changes by an auto mechanic and keeping up your oral health with visits to the dentist on a regular basis, it is wise to keep your spine and nervous system in good working order with regular trips to the chiropractor for an examination and adjustment.
A quote in a recent article featured in Women’s Health Magazine summed it up best. “To focus only on your back health when you are in pain is like only exercising when you gain 10 lbs or only eating healthy when your cholesterol is high, and then going back to your old habits shorty thereafter.” Back pain leads to a significantly high amount of days of work missed, money spent on various treatments (including surgeries and injections), and general reduction in our daily functioning and well-being. Our suggestion? Be proactive, such as we are in the situations listed above. By having regular oil changes and check-ups on our cars we are able to avoid major issues while on the road, as well as maximize the lifespan of our vehicles and their important parts, like the engine, that are required to be in good working order for its function. By having our teeth regularly checked on and cleaned, we are able to have any issues such as decay noticed and addressed early on, extending the health and function of our teeth as long as we possibly can. Our spine is literally our “backbone”, forming the main structure for all of our movement, as well as housing our spinal cord, which carries information from our brain out to literally every part and function of our body through the nerves branching off of it. With such an important job, it is absolutely vital that we take good care of our spines.
How often should regular adjustments occur? Everyone is different based on their age, history of stressors (accidents, pre-existing conditions) and lifestyle and their time between adjustments may vary. On average, every 3-4 weeks is ideal to keep up regular maintenance, with more frequent visits as necessary. Aside from avoiding pesky aches and pains, being proactive in regularly caring for our spines can aid in maximizing our body’s functioning directly by removing any restrictions getting in the way of our nervous system functioning, and indirectly by allowing us to stay active as well as aid in getting adequate sleep at night that we need to allow our bodies to rest and replenish as needed.
In addition to being adjusted on a regular basis by a chiropractor, aim to drink plenty of water (all cells, organs, and tissues depend on being adequately hydrated for proper function), work on eating an anti-inflammatory diet (cut back on processed foods and added sugars as you’re able, getting in lots of fresh produce), and get regular movement into your daily routine (both actively with walking or jogging, as well as relaxation such as yoga or stretching routines).
By taking care of your most important asset, your health, you can not only minimize the risks of having larger flare-ups and issues down the road, but you can focus on getting the most out of life.

“Health is like money; We never have a true idea of its value until we lose it.” -Josh Billings

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